Levitate your brand identity to the realm of dreams. 

Audiences will always seek entertaining stories - they always have.  They're less loyal however to the sponsors of their entertainment, and many have  become resistant to the hard-selling of traditional advertising.  At the same time, new media have created ways for viewers to simply avoid it. So as the costs of media buying increase, effectiveness diminishes and viewers tune out.

Screengates branded entertainment tunes them back in with pleasurable, inviting, entertaining worlds crafted from the essential qualities of your brand.  Episode for episode, viewers will follow your story and identify with your characters the same way they do with non-branded entertainment.  While subtle, saturation is far richer because it occurs via emotional identification with compelling characters and situations rather than direct brand association. 

Brands have personalities that gravitate towards specific genres and story types. After exploring the essential characteristics of your brand - its philosophy, its humor, its style - we'll build these into a dramatic concept with a captivating constellation of characters. Working independently or in consultation with your branding agent, we'll develop story lines, scripts and a series plan that will make your brand a staple of your target audience's entertainment diet.  This diet includes snacks - short episode durations and format flexibility mean your branded content can play on cell phones and other mobile devices, further increasing your coverage.

The rub? Broadcasters will be paying you to broadcast your content, not charging you.