Powerful, gripping, human stories begin with extraordinary characters.
Characters who leap off the screen with the sheer force of their being. 
Characters who are irresistible, larger than life, who we can't help but watch.
Developing exceptional, nuanced, exuberant characters is hard work,
and exceedingly gratifying. At Screengates, we live for it.

Compelling stories give form to the lives of exceptional characters. 
They take us on journeys to beautiful, meaningful places while engaging our senses.
They bend time, delivering the past and future as a presence woven of light and imagination. 
They inform our thoughts, earn our attention, win our love.
They order our vision of the world, and in so doing, change our lives.

Along with developing a story and screenplay (see SCREENWRITING), we'll design a comprehensive production concept for potential producers of your film. This concept details key elements particular to the film's production: casting options, location preferences, directorial possibilities, notes on production design and music, and anything else relevant to the particular splendor of your story.  We will then present this concept to the producers of your choice. (see PRODUCTION SOURCING)