How dynamic is your brand identity? Is it luminous and evolving?  Accessible?  Engaged?
What are the human stories generated by your business?  Do your customers know you as you would like them to? How about your partners and associates? 

 Screengates will use the rhetorical powers of screenwriting and narrative design to build your company story into a captivating cinematic experience.  While the core elements of your brand identity will be expressed in the style of the film -- not just the content -- viewers will learn who you are and what you do in a dramatically compelling narrative that entertains while enlightening. 

We'll tell your story in a style that's all your own. 


Today's corporate film market is saturated with films defined by cliché camerawork cross-cut with talking heads and banal slogans.  Why? Because most corporate films are written by cinematically unskilled copywriters.  When tying brands to concepts, advertisers use the techniques of association and juxtaposition: the result is an advertising brief 'fleshed out' into an empty 'script'.  While this technique may be effective with television commercials, beyond the 30 second mark viewers lose interest due to the lack of narrative substance. Who wants to see another boring pamphlet-on-film?

Why not endow your brand with the resonance of a compelling cinematic personality?