Elevation is a multi-plot feature set in Dubai, city of expatriates.  A kind of Babel-meets-Magnolia in the Arabian Gulf, High weaves four dramatic stories into a grippingly emotional depiction of the thrills and traumas of living away from one’s roots. Written on commission from Italian director Luca Lucini (L’Oumo Perfetto, Solo un Padre).

Masaccio is a period-thriller about power and the struggle for artistic freedom in Renaissance Italy. A fresco-painter in 15th century Florence becomes ensnared in a deadly conflict between a fanatical Roman Cardinal and a silk merchant determined to defend the freedom of his city. Commissioned by producer James Zatolokin (Cliffhanger, Two Days).

Bad Apples is a London-based thriller about genetic engineering, human intelligence failures and the power of myth to transform an investigation of corporate sabotage into a paranoid search for terrorists.  Written on spec, sold June 2008.

Rusopolis a dark comedy about love and dictatorship in 21st Century Russia.  Cross-cutting between a brave new Russia of the near future and ‘Rusopolis’, the fantastic mindscape of ailing Russian President Vladimir Ruskov, the story might be thought of as Doctor Strangelove meets Being John Malcovich, with mindscape atmospheres akin to City of Lost Children. Writing is ongoing.

Charlie Carbuncle – an absurdist doppelganger comedy set in the milieu of celebrity lookalikes in London. A word about our hero: emotionally distraught, artistically dissatisfied and financially ruined, Charlie is an aging Shakespearian actor so desperate for fame that he sells his soul to reality television as a Prince Charles impersonator. Commissioned by Kontraproduktion AG, Zurich.  Currently in development for an Anglo-Swiss co-production. 

Meine Fresse – concept for a comic cultural/actuality TV show about street food in Berlin, Germany. Currently in development with Gerd Zimmermann, producer with Studio Hamburg, Germany.