The combination of honed compositional skills and virile dramaturgical instincts makes screenwriting both a specialized profession and a highly-evolved art form.  Screengates writers are at the top of their art: exceptional, experienced screenwriters with proven proficiency in both dimensions of this fascinating process.

A picture may be worth a thousand words to a photographer, but good screenwriting reverses this ratio. 
Brilliant dialogues are the life of a film, as every word dramatically reveals a character's essence while moving the 'picture' forward.  The vigorous economy of screenwriting compels writers to compress vast amounts of information into crisp, natural, dramatically resonant dialogues.  The 'languages' characters speak - be they dialects, sub-cultural styles and idioms, regional and occupational expressions, social quirks - tell us who they are while revealing their emotions and motivations.

While everyone has heard a good story, making one 'play' on screen requires exceptional structuring skills.  In fact, every powerful film has two parallel structures: a plot (event sequence) and a 'deep structure'.  Deep structure is a story's emotional architecture. It connects with viewers' intuitions by activating their subliminal identification with dramatic forms.  It's what empowers a story to engage viewers emotionally, and sustain that engagement for the duration of the film. If plot and deep structure are out of synch when production begins, someone is wasting their film stock. 

Screengates will evaluate the extent to which your current draft reflects the full potential of your story. Issues such as character definition, story structure, dramaturgical finesse, thematic resonance, visual potency and dialog quality will be analyzed with a view to improving all of these.

Our doctoring services include:

• Dramaturgical Consulting
• Comprehensive and Structural Revisions and Rewrites
• Dialog Enhancement/Punch-ups
• Polishing