Good screenplay translation is like good camerawork – both reveal characters and situations from the right angles in the right light.  If a translation is ‘out of focus’, so is your story.

A superior translation reflects a script’s stylistic nuances, the rhythm and feel of its dialogues, and the tactile and emotional qualities of its setting and characters.

Whether a translated script will be the basis of a production or a means of drawing international investment, its quality is crucial to the success of a project.

All of our script translators are professional screenwriters translating into their mother tongues.

We also translate treatments, outlines, synopsis, post-production scripts and other film-related texts.

Languages: any combinations of English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian and Arabic. 
(If your language isn't on this list, give us a call - we can probably locate a translating screenwriter working in your language.)


Stylistically precise, flawlessly accurate and beautifully timed, Screengates subtitles are a pleasure to read and a compliment to any film. As screenwriting specialists, we've applied our understanding of film dialogues to the craft of subtitling.   and our subtitlers translate exclusively into their native tongues. Working with single-frame precision, they organically time subtitles according to the rhythm and editing style of your film.  All work is proofed by native-language screenwriters before being given to you for review and approval. We're also happy to consult with writers and producers, and can fix or do the timing for subtitles you provide us. 

We work in all current subtitling and broadcast formats, and can deliver graphic files (tiff/bitmap) for DVD authoring. We also offer laser engraving of film prints.