At Screengates we are obsessed with the art of story design. 

We know that exquisite films grow out of exceptional scripts composed from solid, well-crafted concepts. 

Screengates will sculpt your story into a compelling cinematic concept, then develop this concept into a captivating screenplay tailored to your budget.  

We'll then find a production company for your film. This process includes a review of appropriate producers as well as directorial, casting and financing options.  We'll present the screenplay along with production specs to the producers you choose, then help you engage the right one.

Direct investment in concept and script development results in superior films, every time. 

It also saves you money, in two ways. Development costs go 100% into development, and production companies will base their quotes on a comprehensive project package (screenplay + concept + presentation) rather than a vaguely-articulated concept. 

Our business model is simple: first develop a concept and script, then source the right production company.